Review: Hopeful by Louise Bay


Ava is a law student at the same university where Joel is studying to be an economist. Both work hard for what they want in life which makes every moment they have together in the library worth it (in both ways!). And, although Ava is afraid of what people might say when they know Joel is with a girl like her, they date until their time in the university ends and they encounter different paths ahead of them.

Now, eight years later, they meet again! And Ava doesn’t want him to think she’s still hung up on him and starts dating nonstop. But, we all know, there’s no love like the first one!

Oh my God. This was so emotional, I actually cried while reading this book. Ava is completely and utterly in love with Joel and seeing her admit it just broke my heart!

This book is really good! There’s a great cast of secondary characters that made me laugh so many times I lost count. Also, Ava and Joel’s chemistry is out of this world and I guess it makes sense since they were the first ones to each other that really mattered. And the sex is hot, like, really hot!

The only thing that bothered me is the way the story is told because we see them getting back together without knowing the reason that broke them apart eight years ago. Basically, if I knew why they fell apart sooner, I would have enjoyed more of the story because I would have known their reasons better. But altogether the story ties up just perfectly in the end!

I already read most of Louise’s books and this one was just as good as the others so well done Louise Bay!

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