Review: Mister Wrong by Nicole Williams

MISTER WRONG by [Williams, Nicole]



We’re all already used to Nicole’s kind of perfection, and Mister Wrong sure did not disappoint.

Matt has secretly loved Cora for as long as he can remember but she chose his twin brother, Jacob, to marry. But when Jacob doesn’t show up at his own wedding, Matt can’t stand to see Cora hurting one more time because of his bother and takes his place as the groom! They’re identical twins so no one knows the truth besides Matt himself. And Cora, when she finds out the day after the wedding, after a night of hot sex with her husband’s brother!

After knowing the truth, Cora starts questioning the mixed feelings she has always had for Matt but never had the strength to admit and all becomes clear when she finds out that all the things that made her love Jacob, were actually Matt who have done them.

The sparks between Cora and Matt were just flying everywhere and I couldn’t stop reading until the very end! Matt is that sexy doctor you will want stitches from! And the fact that he spent all his life putting Cora before himself made me fall for him even more.

I highly recommend this book because I just loved every single moment of it.

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