Review: Dear Agony by Georgia Cates


Agony has been Rose’s closest enemy since she came into the world. It never left her side when her mother was mean to her, or when she was sexually abused by someone she can’t remember. No even when Rose ended up living by herself in the streets of New Orleans at the age of nineteen. But her Agony is about to end.

“Congratulations, Agony. You’ve managed to worm your way back into my life.”

Bastien Pascal has everything a man could want. A best friend, lots of women willing to do anything to be with him, power, money, success. What he doesn’t have is time. And that knowledge made him realize that he has been doing nothing but wasting his life with meaningless things and it’s time to change that. And what better way than to use Vale’s skills to connect women and men who don’t have the time to look for their plus one?

“Dying and falling in love. The two just don’t go together.”

Vale, Bastien’s best friend, finds Rose in the streets of New Orleans and decides to make her one of her Duet Girls. But to do that, Rose would have to agree to Vale’s deal: Rose would be trained by Vale to her new lifestyle for a duration of two years and afterwards, she would have to live with and make company to one single man. And even though a relationship was not on Rose’s plans, the idea of safety and the possibility of going to college are more than enough to convince her.

But, three years later, with a business degree almost finished, Rose is not living as a companion to a man but is helping Vale with her business by helping her training other Duet Girls. And the fact that Vale treated her differently from the other Duet Girls makes Bastien intrigued; intrigued enough to want her for himself as his companion!

“I love you so much, Rose. I didn’t want to, but dammit, I do.”

I have to say, the timing of the book in Bastien’s life is just perfect because if it was anytime later I would probably be rating it with two stars instead of five. I connected with the hero in ways I didn’t know possible, literally. His dilemma is very real and it left me with a heavy heart. I usually don’t go for this kind of stories (happy for now) because it just makes me sad and it puts everything in my life in perspective because I feel like “What if it was me in his position?”. But this one just left me with a smile on my face.

“And then nothing remains between us. We become one. No beginning. No end.”

This is my first book by Georgia Cates and I loved a lot of things about it. First of all, her ability to balance sadness and happiness is just remarkable. The book approaches a very painful topic that is real for a lot of people but she still manages to make it enjoyable.

The only thing regarding Georgia’s writing style that I didn’t like that much is the fact that she keeps repeating things that already happen as if the reader would have forgotten about it. Trust me, we do not forget. And it just makes the book look boring.

All in all, the book is really good with a unique storyline.

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