Review: Accidentally on purpose by Jill Shalvis


Elle is a beautiful woman working as the general manager of the Pacific Per Building and taking online classes at the same time. Always dressed in her best, she never shows any emotion and never lets her guard down. But that’s all just appearances because inside, she has been loving the man who saved her eleven years ago.

Archer Hunt is an ex-cop who lost his job when he saved a sixteen-year-old girl, Elle. Now, he owns Hunt Investigations in the Pacific Pier Building, meaning, they see each other every single day which doesn’t help the feelings he had kept hidden from her.

“My deepest, darkest regret. It’s you.”

But all his patience goes to hell when Elle tries to date other men in order to forget all about the man she can’t have. Archer gets jealous and has no problem screwing up Elle’s dates and showing her that he can, after all, be the man she deserves.

“Are you angry? Because we do some of our best-naked work when you’re angry.”

I seriously laughed my ass off at the men in this book. The men of Archer’s team are so funny! The chemistry between Archer and Elle is incredibly hot which is expected given the experience they went through together. I loved Archer! He’s a badass ex-cop but when it comes to Ellen he’s just the sweetest thing! The only thing that bothered me is that they spend most of the time hating each other’s guts, and although firstly it’s kind of funny, throughout the book it gets old and boring because it affects the pace of the story.
Altogether it was a good book.

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