Review: Becoming Mrs. Lockwood by K. I. Lynn


Weston is a Hollywood movie star who gets fascinated by Wren because she not only doesn’t know him, but is sweet and innocent, things he’s not used to seeing in women. They go sightseeing which leads to dinner which leads to marriage. That’s right, they make a drunk decision by marrying each other. Obviously, the next morning their first thought is getting an annulment but they’re stopped by her mother who sends her daughter with her new husband to LA to give a try to their relationship.

“What was I doing going around Vegas with a guy that attractive?”

At first, no one trusts Wren because everyone thinks she’s just another gold-digger after Weston’s money but after some time with her everyone thinks she’s really the piece that was missing in Weston’s life. Together they battle some problems like his ex-girlfriend and his fame which made them acknowledge their true feelings for each other.

“Do you have any idea how happy I am that I found you?” he asked as he kissed down my jaw.”

This was a really long book but it was truly worth it. I liked the fact that they truly tried to know each other outside the bedroom, although I must say that I also liked their relationship inside the bedroom (slightly kinky I must say). Also enjoyed the fact that things were being worked out throughout the book instead of everything being solved in the end.

“The sight of you naked beneath me is one of my favorites, but the sight of you naked standing in front of me…wet? Perfection.”

There wasn’t anything that I can say I didn’t like, although I felt like something was missing, maybe some sparkle, I don’t know.

Anyhow, it was a pleasurable reading!

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 K. I. Lynn

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