Review: Bet me by Lila Monroe


Lizzie and Jake met in a bar on NYE when she was still trying to forget her ex-boyfriend.

“Way to go, Lizzie. Sex with you is so boring, they pass out.” 

Later that night they decide to go to his house and have the hottest sex ever to celebrate the new year but …. he falls asleep while going down on her. That’s right! The next day, to clear her mind, Lizzie calls her sister on Skype but ends up posting a video for the entire world to see her, no less than swearing off men! More specifically, a sex strike! No wooing, no sex!

Years later, they’re given a job, together! And guess what? He doesn’t even remember her (they were drunk alright) which just makes Lizzie absolutely furious with him while he doesn’t even know why.

“I just want to hear you scream my name when you come.”
Fuck. How’s a girl supposed to turn down an invitation like that?” 

But after some time working together and getting to know each other, they start enjoying each other’s company but all that goes to hell when one of Jake’s friends puts a prize on Lizzie (50000 dollars to the man who breaks her strike) without telling her. And when she finds out, man is she furious with Jake.

“To hell with sense and reason. I want him. Now.” 

I hated the pace of the book, it took them forever to finally get together and then it was all in a rush, in the end, you actually don’t get to see their relationship before the epilogue. I couldn’t feel any kind of connection of chemistry going on.

On the bright side, there are tons of Hollywood references for those who like it.
Altogether I didn’t like it that much.

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