Review: Dazzle me by Juliana Haygert

Dazzle Me by [Haygert, Juliana]


They meet at a bar when Josh saved Rayna from a guy who doesn’t know what a “no” from a woman means. When Rayna tried to thank Josh for what he did for her, they instantly felt a connection between them and decided to explore that connection in the bedroom. Until Josh started having second thoughts about what he was doing to her and left her. Alone. In bed. Naked.

And, surprise surprise, next time the saw each other was at the NYBT, where they will have to dance together, whether they like it or not.

They both loved ballet but neither of them was happy with their life. Rayna hated the schedule and all the rules she had to follow to become what her mother wanted her to be (a soloist dancer). All she ever wanted to do was teach ballet to little girls but never had the nerve to confront her mother.

On the other hand, Josh loved everything about ballet and his work at the NYBT but his problem was his family who didn’t know what he was actually doing in NY. Josh had lied to his family about his career, telling them he was in college instead of dancing.

However, they find the strength in each other to fight for their dreams and confront those who haven’t supported them.

“Ray, you’re dazzling me. You dazzle me. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful you are and how great you make me feel. I’m so, so grateful that you like me too, I—”
“I don’t just like you. I love you.”

This dance thing is honestly all new to me, I think I never read a book with characters who danced but it was actually really revealing because you get to see their struggle as ballet dancers and how their lives are a lot harder than we think.
They’re both young so their love is not as intense as the ones I usually read about, although their sexual activities are pretty hot and sexy. I just wish there was more chemistry between them. I didn’t like Rayna’s refusal to confront the girls at the company who always attacked her about her mother working at the company. She should be stronger and stand for herself.

“I wasn’t as gentle as I intended when I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and claimed her soul, then pressed her back against the wall and pounded into her.”

Altogether the book was ok but a little more intensity would be perfect.

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Juliana Haygert

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