Review: Revenge by Lexi Blake


Drew Lawless just found out who were the three people responsible for his parents’ murderers. And that was supposed to close the case and let the Lawless family have their happy ever after but it’s not because there is one more person responsible for his parents’ deaths and he won’t stop until he can find her and send her straight to hell.

And the fastest way to get that is getting close and personal with Shelby Gates, a reporter investigating who, alone, did more for his case than any other team in years. So, a contract where it states she would be his fake girlfriend to cover up her investigation on his parents’ case seems to be a reasonable solution.

The only thing he forgot to mention was that he didn’t just want her as his fake girlfriend.

Drew is extremely introvert. His happy place is in front of a computer, preferably coding. And although he is not big on love, he is really protective of his family. His siblings are everything to him so it is a completely foreign concept having Shelby taking care of him. That being said, he will sometimes be rude to Shelby so that he doesn’t feel vulnerable.

 But Shelby won’t take no for an answer. She is an independent person with a dreadful fear of being abandoned. She loves her job and her ambition to get far in her career is what makes her sign the contract that Drew proposed. The idea of publishing a book about such a famous case is just too tempting to pass the opportunity. She’s also incredibly smart and resolute about her goals. And I pretty much loved her. I really did because she’s just the kind of woman I want to be: fearless and driven.

Together they’re just perfect: she keeps him grounded while he gives her the love and protectiveness she always searched but never found. Also, they have a lot of sexual tension build up so expect really hot sex!

The storyline is fantastic. So many twists and new things happening. You basically never know what will happen next which kept me glued to the book!

I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a mixture of love, sex and suspense!

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