Review: Spring Beginnings by Georgia Hill

Spring Beginnings (Millie Vanilla's Cupcake Café, Book 1) by [Hill, Georgia]


Millie is the owner of Millie Vanilla’s and she couldn’t be more sad about having to let go of her business. Her biggest competitor is opening in town and when she thought that the situation couldn’t get worse, she found out that the man she cared about the most is working for them.

The characters are ok. Honestly, I can’t say a lot of them because the book doesn’t have that kind of pull that just keeps me glued to it and its characters. I couldn’t connect with them and have the urge to get to know them better.

I think there were some problems with the story: we know next to nothing about their pasts and how they met. I couldn’t even quite understand if they were a couple before she went away for three months or not. I know they have known each other for some time and that they were close even before she went away, but I couldn’t precise if they were in a relationship or just really close friends.

Although, I have to say, the storyline is quite different. Jen (the male character) takes the meaning of hero to the next level. Was it predictable? Maybe. But good nonetheless. The rate of the book is also good but, again, I think the story lacks some substance.

This was my first book by Georgia Hill and I don’t know if this is something she always does or not, but the writing style of the book felt way too uptight for me.

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