Review: Tempting her neighbor by Laura Jardine


Although Rachel Malone lived in Georgeville since she was born, there was nothing about that place that made her want to stay there. People were mean and talked trash about her without really knowing her. But the place didn’t look so bad when she got a new handsome neighbor. And before you ask, of course, she’s interested. But not in a committed relationship.

Cole Sampson is tired of the city life in Toronto and decides to move to a place where he knows no one will bother him. And that would be Georgeville. But the town doesn’t feel so calm and peaceful when his new hot and beautiful neighbor offers to help him move in. And, again, before you ask, of course, he is interested. But he thinks she’s the type of girl to marry and that’s definitely not what he is looking for.

Will first impressions, the so-called thin slicing, keep them apart?

Let me start by saying this is kind of boring. Sex scenes are forced and uneventful. Rachel is not the kind of girl that I like to read about: she practically sleeps with any man she can get given the fact that sex is the only source of fun in Georgeville. On the other side, I kind of liked Cole: he’s a sweet and cute guy, who doesn’t really like to socialize. And then there’s the lack of feelings which is a total deal breaker for me.

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 Laura Jardine

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