Review: The house mate by Kendall Ryan


Thirty-four-year-old Max Alexander is presented with the result of a three-month-long relationship: a one-year little girl, Dylan. And although the love he has for her is almost palpable, he doesn’t know anything about taking care of another person, least of all, a baby, so he is in desperate need of a nanny.

“I should have closed the door in her face the second I saw her smoldering-hot curves.”

Still mourning a relationship that didn’t end well, Addison Lane needs a new job, new apartment… a new life. And destiny has just the perfect job for her: a live-in nanny to Max’s daughter.

” It was the most domestic evening of my life, and I was happier than a pig in shit.” 

This is by far my favorite book of the series. Probably because it has a baby involved but, nonetheless, my favorite. It is a sexy, fun and fast read!

Max is an ex-Ranger so you know the drill. Confidence, tattoos, all muscle and hotness overload! The longest relationship he ever had was with Dylan’s mother, so by the duration of that (three months), you can predict his record with women. No feelings, no strings, and for the love of God, no marriage!

On the other side, we have Addison who is the opposite from Max: a shy, self-doubting and all soft woman. She swore off man after her ex-boyfriend admitted was gay but she just can’t ignore the way Max looks at her and least of all his words!

I loved the way he was always there to reassure her that she was doing the right thing and the way he always made sure to show her his appreciation for everything she did for him and Dylan. I obviously loved little Dylan and her relationship with Addison. This kind of things just melts my heart instantly!

I just wished there was more about Addison’s personal life because, unless I was distracted, her father is not even mentioned in the book. She talks with Max about her mother and how she was disappointed in the fact that Addison wanted to be a teacher but never about her father.

All in all, it was awesome! I read it in one night because it was that good!

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 Kendall Ryan


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