Review: The play mate by Kendall Ryan


I’m surprised too, but this book just didn’t do it for me.

Smith Hamilton and Evie Reed had known each other forever. So what kept them in the friend zone all this time? That would be Evie’s older brother who’s also Smith’s best friend, Cullen Reed.

Smith Hamilton was adopted when he was six years old and his love life during his twenty-nine years of existence can be summed up to meaningless sex and short relationships.

“Then, there you were. That sexy silhouette. That ass. Those legs. You’re like a fucking magnet.”

Evie is a twenty-two-year-old “almost” virgin desperate for a non-self-assisted orgasm, and who better than the closest man to her besides her brother? So, once in Paris, the capital of love, Evie gets in Smith’s bed and all her dreams are coming to life until Smith realizes who’s in bed with him and stops the “act” with the promise that they will both forget what happened and move on!

But then, in Chicago, things don’t look seem so easy when they’re forced to work together at Evie’s and Cullen’s family company.

“Somehow over the past couple of years, annoying Evie had morphed into curvy, hot-as-hell, infiltrating-my-dreams Evie, and it was slowing killing me.”

Unfortunately, I think the story was pretty plain. They struggle to be together but at the same time, I couldn’t find a solid reason for that. It’s like they’re not together just because! Also, I couldn’t find a strong connection between them. They have known each other all their lives, so I expected a solid connection between them besides their chemistry in the bedroom.

Regardless, if you’re a fan of Kendall’s work (like I am), I’m sure you’re gonna love this one. Maybe it was just not the right timing for me, so I’ll probably reread it another time.

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