Review: The room mate by Kendall Ryan


Paige and Cannon have known each other for more than a decade because Cannon is Paige’s best friend’s brother, but they haven’t seen each other for five years.

Five years ago, Cannon was a total geek who secretly lusted for Paige. Now, still secretly lusting for Paige, Cannon is the man that makes heads turn when he passes and is also a med student who is focused on his career so he can help his mother and sister like he always wanted.

“There would be three simple rules to follow if I needed to get laid. It could only last one night, no names would be exchanged, and no phone numbers either.”

So when he needs a place to stay and his sister suggests that he stays at Paige’s place, he can’t believe his luck, and neither can Paige.

“I didn’t have time for distractions, and I’d just promised myself there would be no more fucking around. But all of that went out the window the second I laid eyes on Paige.”

They try to make fun of their sexual tension until one night, after some wine, they fall into bed and have (or try to have) smoking hot sex.

“Allie’s little brother fucked like a porn star. That wasn’t a piece of knowledge I’d ever recover from. Shit!”

I loved their connection and attraction since he has been building them up for over a decade. I thought it was interesting the fact that he was younger than Paige (by four years) and still was the one who dominated their relationship inside the bedroom. There’s just the fact that we can’t read much of their actual relationship that made me kind of sad.

“I love you, princess. Always have. Always will. I fought it for the longest time. But now that I’ve had you like this, I can’t go back. Won’t.”

Overall if you’re in the mood for a happy ending with out-of-this-world sex, this is the book for you.

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 Kendall Ryan



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