Review: Touch of fondness by Joy Penny

Touch of Fondness: A New Adult Romance (Stay in Touch) by [Penny, Joy]


Brielle just graduated in History and Psychology and while all her friends have places to go and things to do, she doesn’t! Which means she has to work at her mother’s cleaning company until something better comes up. And what better than a grumpy client to fill her time?

Twenty-five years old comic artist Archer has been seeking some independence, so having a cleaner in every day is not something he is looking for but if that’s what he will have to do to keep his mother away, so be it. But, against his expectations, things aren’t so bad when in the second week his front door opens to a new “cleaning lady”! A beautiful and young cleaning lady! Their connection is immediate, but will their hot chemistry be enough for a relationship?

“I think I’m more than a little fond of you, too.”

Let’s start with Archer. He’s a hot guy despite his disability but his hotness doesn’t seem like it’s enough to the ladies! He never had a girlfriend and he doesn’t know what being kissed feels like. Anyhow, he’s completely fulfilled when it comes to his work as a famous comic artist.

On the other side, we have Brielle who is completely experienced when it comes to her sex life but completely unfulfilled when it comes to her work.

I loved Archer a lot more than Brielle. Archer works for his independence and to make something out of his life despite his disability. And even though Brielle can’t find her job, her life is pretty normal and safe, so I don’t see the point why she’s always complaining and comparing herself with her friends who’ve got jobs. I just think she should be more mature a grounded seeing as she has a perfect life when compared to Archer’s.

Also, there was something in the book that was treated like it was no big deal when in fact is pretty important (at least to me): Archer’s first time. It is treated like a walk in the park when, to most people, even more because he’s a disabled person, things like this are really significant in life. Besides that, the book is perfectly paced but, probably thanks to Brielle annoyance, I couldn’t connect with their love. I can quite understand it, I mean, he never had a girlfriend before so when he has a gorgeous girl almost every day in his house things like this happen. But I couldn’t fall for it.

Altogether the book is good and safe, but it didn’t quite catch my heart.

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Joy Penny


Touch of Fondness: A New Adult Romance (Stay in Touch) by [Penny, Joy]Touch of Heartache: A New Adult Romance (Stay in Touch) by [Penny, Joy]


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