Review: Black tie optional by Ann Marie Walker

Black Tie Optional: A Wild Wedding Novel (Wild Wedding Series) by [Walker, Ann Marie]


Coleman Grant III has two problems going on: first, he is getting tired of his encounters with Olivia Ramsey every morning at Starbucks. Every day the story is the same: she thinks he is an asshole and he doesn’t care. Second: in a few days his company and its holdings will revert to his grandmother if he doesn’t do anything about it.

But then he meets Olivia in Vegas at a bachelor/bachelorette and finds the solution to his first problem by giving in to their sexual tension that has been building up for the last three months. In bed. Together.

And right then and there he finds the solution to his second problem: marry Olivia so his company will remain in his possession.

Olivia is not thrilled about the idea, but then he offers to change his project to protect the species she is so fond of and promises that a three-month marriage will be enough.

Will it?

Good Lord. Coleman is such a fine piece of man! He’s used to women who are the exact opposite of Olivia so he never expected to end up in bed with her. And the same goes for Olivia. I loved that she was a hard woman who truly believed in her causes. Coleman, besides being sexy as sin, has a tender side which was shown through his relationship with his half-sister Rebecca who had cancer.

There are obviously sex scenes but this is not an erotic book. It’s mostly teasing with each other which made the book really sexy but not over the top with the number of sex scenes. They’re playful which was very enjoyable.

Then things get complicated when Olivia’s ex is back. I honestly had some doubts regarding the couple’s future at this point but it was actually a good thing to test their feelings and make them see what they were truly missing.

His grandmother is also an important part of the book giving the fact that she has no problem showing her dislike for Olivia and their relationship that kept her from having Grant’s empire. Obviously, I hated her but that was expected. And I loved to see Olivia say exactly what she thought right in her face.

The book is really engaging and so easygoing. It’s a fast read and truly funny that will leave you smiling and humming.

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Black Tie Optional: A Wild Wedding Novel (Wild Wedding Series) by [Walker, Ann Marie]Icing on the Cake: A Wild Wedding Novel (Wild Wedding Series) by [Walker, Ann Marie]


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