Review: Hot pursuit by Julie Ann Walker


Christian Watson has been defending his country but England doesn’t feel like home anymore. Not when there’s a new enemy coming out of every corner making him and his team run after survival. The only thing making everything bearable is his hot and witty partner who not only makes him nuts, warms his heart all the same.

Emily Scott, former CIA operator, lost her job thanks to a relationship with a partner and she’s not about to do the same. Not when she just found a family and the perfect job at BKI. No matter how tempting Christian Watson might be. But she can’t run away from her feelings, not when they’re pulling her to him so hard.

The BKI team is composed by five people. Besides Christian and Emily, there’s also Ace, Rusty and Angel. Angel is a pretty serious and reserved guy.  Ace and Rusty are a whole different story. They’re both gays and, whilst Ace has no problem admitting that he’s gay, Rusty can’t imagine what it would be like to tell his family about his sexuality. Add that to the fact that they have the hots for each other and you have two men kissing right after arguing for the longest time. And that’s as far as they go. There’s no sexual encounters between them, just kissing and lots of arguing.

Now let’s get to what’s important…

Do you want a man who would take a bullet for you? Because if you do, I have Christian Watson here for you! Do you also want a man who would cook you breakfast? Because I have one of those too and his name is Christian Watson! Seriously. What a man! And when you think a human being (he’s a character but still) can’t get any better, surprise, surprise! He has an accent! A very sexy and very British accent! The man is perfect and I haven’t even talked about his looks!

Emily is pretty insecure when it comes to her ability to maintain a relationship. Both her parents had a lot partners in their lives and she’s sure she would be the same thing if she tried. So, she won’t even try.

This was my first book by Julie Ann Walker and also my first book of the BKI series. And, as you probably already noticed, to say that I loved this book is not nearly enough! Little details like the jokes about their accents, their silenced conversations and even the cozy conversations between the team made this book absolute perfection! The writing style is easy, light and right to the point. Just the way I like it! The pace of the book is also on point! Even between the heart-stopping dangerous scenes, she finds the perfect time to give us some love!

So, I highly recommend this book. If you’re afraid because of the MM relationship, there’s nothing to be afraid of because as I said, they just kiss probably two times and that’s about it. Their story is left unfinished which I hope will have its closure in the next book of the series.

Just be aware that this can be really really addicting!

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