Review: Keeping it hot by Sydney Landon

Keeping It Hot (The Breakfast in Bed Series) by [Landon, Sydney]


Zoe Hart and Dylan Jackson have been best friends since forever and even though they’re pretty close, they still can keep secrets from each other, like the fact that Zoe has been in love with Dylan for a really long time. But he won’t take a hint. He actually sees her as a little sister. Add that to the fact that Zoe, in all her twenty-nine years of existence is still carrying around her v-card, and you have a woman on a mission to find a man who will want her.

Will her all-time-crush be the one?

Sweet sweet romance! So so good!

Regarding the main characters, Zoe and Dylan are great.  Zoe: a little self-doubting when it comes to men, she’s gorgeous even though she’s not aware of it and she own’s a coffee shop at Dylan’s hotel. Dylan: workaholic and owner of the hotel Oceanix in Florida, likes to spend a great time with his friends and is not used to relationships.

I think that what I loved the most about them was the fact that they’re simple and relatable characters. There’re no secrets or dark pasts or a relationship that didn’t end so well. There’s no drama and honestly, there’s no need for that seeing as they’re funny and easygoing.

When it comes to secondary characters I really loved Zoe’s mother and Dana (Zoe’s best friend). They are really funny and have no filter!

Shortly, this is a sweet story with a happy ever after. This is not an erotic book but there are obviously hot and tender sex scenes as you can expect from a virgin.

This story is not filled with suspense. I think that the potential of the book comes from the characters and from the writing style of the author. The storyline is not particularly outstanding although there’s a significant plot twist.

 That being said, I loved it. It’s an easy read with lots of love and no drama.

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Keeping It Hot (The Breakfast in Bed Series) by [Landon, Sydney]Room for Two (The Breakfast in Bed Series) by [Landon, Sydney]


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