Review: Mr. Big by Delancey Stewart

Mr. Big by [Stewart, Delancey]


Holland O’Dell has her life planned step by step. The first step would be to get a job. And she just did that except, she didn’t get exactly the job she wanted. Now she’s determined to prove everyone wrong and show that she’s capable to get the job she wants. She just needs a little help. And seeing as this guy is so willing to help her even though he doesn’t know her, she’s not about to say no. What she doesn’t know is that he’s also the CEO of the company she works for.

First impression: This book made me tear up.

The storyline of the book is not news. The millionaire falls in love with the average. That’s basically it. But the book is so well writing and so unbelievably emotional that I loved it anyway.

Holland is a strong, determined and hardworking woman. She never met her parents and the only family she has is the woman who was adopted along with her. Basically, a sister. But her life is a lot more than her childhood. Her job situation is a lot more important to her than anything else at the moment, even getting a man.

Cody is a hard nut to crack. He just lost his parents and found out he was lied to his entire life. So you have a lost, revolted and furious CEO who sees light for the first time in months in Holland.

So it’s all fun and games until she finds out that he’s the CEO. But even after that, they get an even tougher time. They’re apart for some time until the very end of the book and this is where the book gets real (in my opinion).

The final part of the book is just so incredibly sad. They do have a happily ever after but to get to that they went through a really hard time, mainly because of Cody. I’ve read that some people really hated this part, but to me, it was simply heartbreaking but most of all real. Cody was dealing with a lot of angst so we can’t expect (at least I wasn’t expecting) a happily ever after without a lot of work. Good things take hard work and that’s exactly how Delancey Stewart did it. And in my opinion, she did it brilliantly! My eyes actually teared up whilst reading the final part of the book because Holland’s pain felt so incredibly real!

All in all, I loved the book. Mostly because it shows love exactly how it is: hard. It obviously has good moments but we can’t expect everything to be perfect along the way.

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