Review: New York, actually by Sarah Morgan

New York, Actually: A sparkling romantic comedy from the bestselling Queen of Romance by [Morgan, Sarah]


Daniel is a divorce lawyer intended to make justice to all the kids involved in divorces. After going through hell with his sisters when his mother refused to divorce his father, he doesn’t want any other kids to go through the same thing.  And he’s pretty good at it. Actually, he usually gets want he wants. Winning cases included. There’s just that girl in the park that doesn’t seem to notice that he wants her. So, seeing as she obviously loves dogs, he borrows a dog from his sisters to walk in the park every morning so he can get closer to her.

Molly is not interested in relationships.  She has been three years without a man in her life and honestly, she’s happy with that. With a history of ending relationships at bad terms, she doesn’t want to risk it again. And then there’s the fact that her business is a secret. For most of the world, she’s Aggie, but no one except her close friends knows that fact. Aggie is a relationship adviser with a blog with more than 8 million followers who helps people who are struggling with their relationships.

But things get messy when Aggie gives advice to a client of Daniel saying the opposite of what Daniel had said.

He’s not aware of Molly’s second life but so far he’s hating Aggie, which one is going to win him over?

I loved this so much! It was my first book by Sarah Morgan but I am definitely going to look for her other books because I loved her writing style. The book is perfectly paced, I never got the urge to skip things or rush on my reading because there’s always something happening and you don’t want to miss a thing. It was definitely engaging!

The characters are also really good. Daniel is getting millions out of his work but what really keeps him going are the kids. He’s really hard working but also caring, especially with his sisters. He has a really close relationship with his sisters who I also loved. His encounters with women usually go as far as having a good time: he’s not interested in a serious relationship because after witnessing his parents’ marriage going south, he’s not risking ending up the same way. My favorite thing about Daniel was his refusal to admit being a dog person which was just adorable!

Molly is also hardworking but she’s already a dog person who loves her dog, Valentine, very much. Her mother left her and her father when she was just eight, so she struggles to see her worth. Then there’s the fact that she thinks she’s incapable of love: she ended all her previous relationships, always breaking the man’s heart along the way and she doesn’t what the same thing to happen to Daniel so expect a big fight on her end.

Yes, there’s sexy moments. But don’t expect the book to be all about sex because it’s not. They both have strong personalities which made the book so good so there’s a lot more to it than just sex scenes. But they are good though.

I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a good romance with a good story behind it.

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