Review: Park Avenue Prince by Louise Bay

Park Avenue Prince by [Bay, Louise]


Sam Shaw is the kind of man who made his way to the top the hardest way. Losing his parents in a car accident when he was eleven years old turned him into a cold yet emotional man. With no space in his heart and mind to love anyone, he doesn’t do relationships.

But, with Grace, a beautiful woman, and owner of an art gallery, one time wasn’t enough and Sam sees himself using every excuse he can remember so he can see her one more time.

“Mr. Shaw-“
“Grace, I’ve had my tongue in your mouth and your ass in my hand. Please, call me Sam.”

I loved this book so so so much. Just the fact that he knows he won’t survive if someday he loses her melted my heart! I loved his sexy mouth and the way he’s the sweetest man to Grace. The sex scenes are beyond hot! And the end was so emotional and beautiful and perfect! I honestly don’t have the words to describe how much I loved this book. It really is the perfect example of a contemporary romance!

“Morning, noon and night, I loved Grace Astor, but she always took my breath away first thing in the morning.”

Can’t wait to see more about Max and Grace in the King of Wall Street.

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Louise Bay

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