Review: Shattered by Helen Hardt

Shattered (The Steel Brothers Saga Book 7) by [Hardt, Helen]


Ryan Steel is putting his work on pause so he can enjoy his brother’s wedding in Jamaica. He wants to have some drinks, enjoy the sun and, hopefully, get some company in bed.

Detective Ruby doesn’t know what love is since she was fifteen. She has known the Steel family for some time thanks to her investigation on their case but being near Ryan is still somewhat different and scary. She’s full of ghosts and fears but she can’t ignore the way their pasts are so connected. Or the way he looks at her.

But maybe their future together can’t handle their pasts…

Ryan is the youngest brother and definitely my favorite. He’s lighter, funnier and exactly my kind of sexy. He’s also really sweet, but they were all sweet with their loved ones so that’s not exactly news. I just love that he’s so easygoing.

Ruby is a detective who has been helping Melanie with Gina’s parents. Her current goal is to put her father behind bars seeing as he’s one of Talon’s abductors. So, as you can imagine, Ryan has a lot of reasons to hate Ruby’s guts. But, to my surprise, that is not the case which made me really happy. Ryan is actually apologist that she’s not her father and she’s not to blame because of her father’s mistakes.

The book is my favorite yet. For the most part of it, no one talks about Talon’s abduction seeing as they’re all in Jamaica. But, at some point, we obviously get back to that subject. There’s some resolution regarding some questions that started in the previous book but a new mystery comes up which leads to the cliffhanger of the book. And oh my god! This is the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers! Just when I thought nothing more could happen to that family, Helen Hardt goes and writes one hell of a twist! I am honestly still happily shocked with the way the book ends!

I really need to say how amazing Helen Hardt is! After seven books about the same story, she still amazes me with her ability to leave me craving for more. Things never get bored and always feel like new subjects.

All in all, I really loved the book (as the entire series) and I can’t recommend enough Helen’s work.

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