Review: Surrender by Helen Hardt

Surrender (The Steel Brothers Saga Book 6) by [Hardt, Helen]


This review is about Melanie and Jonah’s story (books Metl, Burn and Surrender).

Jonah Steel had one simple job: protect his younger brothers. And guess what? He failed! He spent 25 years living with all kinds of guilt but now seeing as Talon is getting better by the day because of a psychotherapist, he wants to try it as well.

Melanie Carmichael couldn’t be more proud of Talon’s progress as his psychotherapist. After a patient that still hunted her nights, she really needed something good as a result of her job. What she didn’t need was a patient who looked at her like she could be his next meal. And that’s exactly how Jonah Steel looked at her.

They both have unfinished business with their pasts but let’s be honest, desire like that just can’t be ignored even if it’s bad for you.

Melanie is a psychotherapist (who helped Talon get better after his abduction) completely insecure in her own skin. She thinks that everything about her is just average and not enough to get the attention of a man like Jonah.

On the other side, we have Jonah. The oldest Steel, driven by work and the responsibility inflicted by his father. As the oldest, he always felt guilty for not being there when Talon was abducted. He always felt like he should have been there to protect him or be the one taken, no matter how many times Talon tells him that he’s not the one at fault.

In the first book, Melt, there’s honestly not a lot going on. It’s basically the opportunity to meet the characters: their stories, fears, what keeps them going and what breaks them. There’s obviously tons of chemistry involved. They wanted each other since the first time they laid eyes on each other but Melanie couldn’t forget the fact that he was a patient. Until she couldn’t take it anymore…

In the second book, Burn, things heat up. There’s a lot of developments regarding Talon’s abduction and there’s a whole new side of Jonah. And holy moly! Totally unexpected but certainly hot. Expect out-of-this-world sex scenes with BDSM eroticism all around! They both started sharing their secrets with each other and things get really intense and dangerous. And when I say dangerous, I’m talking about never-seeing-the-sun-again dangerous. And, as if that wasn’t already enough, the book ends with a nail-biting cliffhanger.

In the third book, there’s also a lot of developments regarding Talon’s abduction but now it is not only about Talon but also about the entire family. The secrets are too much to reveal here, so you will really have to read the books to see it for yourself.

To sum up: secrets, hard-core romance, unexpected twists like it’s confetti and addicting suspense!

If you’re worried these books are a repetition of the first three books of the series, don’t be. Even though they keep investigating Talon’s abduction, Jonah and Melanie’s relationship is very different from Talon’s and Jade’s (there’s still some pieces and bits of Talon and Jade in these books by the way) and there’s always something new about Talon’s adduction and the Steel family (especially the family).

So, I highly recommend the series, especially if you already read Talon’s story. If not, you can still start with Melt, because I read the first three books too long ago (I basically don’t remember anything) and didn’t have any problems, but preferably you should read all of them in order.

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