Review: The bastard billionaire by Jessica Lemmon


I have to say, this book is my favorite one from the series and Jessica just outdid herself with Eli’s character.

Eli is back from Afghanistan after losing one limb and two close friends in war but, against his brothers’ wishes, has no desire to work at Crane Hotels (the family business). So when Reese sends assistant after assistant to work for him, Eli has no problem being mean if that means the assistant won’t show up to work the next day. And that game actually works, until one of them just smiles when he says “you’re fired”.

Isabella tried being patience when Reese called her day after day in need of a new assistant for his brother because the one she had sent the day before just quit. But patience has its limits! And when ten of her assistants were fired by Eli Crane, she has no other option than to show up herself, not as the owner of Sable Concierge, but as a simple assistant, and let me tell you, Eli was not expecting this one!

“Sable Concierge had sent over an assistant who was not only female, she was sex in stilettos.”

Man, this was hard! Ali would hate me if he knew I was calling him this, but he truly is a hero. I actually suffered while reading this book because his pain and hurt were so real. The fact that he thinks he doesn’t have the right to be happy because the reason he is alive is his friends’ death broke my heart into a million pieces! Besides that, like his bothers, he also went through the loss of his mother at a young age. On the bright side, he sure is a sexy man!

And because you miss the way her laugh echoed down the hall. The smell of her hair when she leaned over you for a kiss hello or goodbye. The way she sighed into your ear when you touched her just right.”

Eli’s life turns upside down when a volcano named Isabella Sawyer who has no problem calling him on his shit shows up at his office. Isa is really strong and driven woman who’s concentrated on making Sale Concierge a respectful company.

Overall, the series is a great showing of three sexy alpha males finding the perfect women.

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Jessica Lemmon


A Crane Family Christmas (Billionaire Bad Boys Book 4) by [Lemmon, Jessica]


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