Review: The billionaire bachelor by Jessica Lemmon


Merina can’t believe her ears when her mother tells her that the thing in her life she loved the most, her family’s hotel, was sold to Alexander Crane. Better yet, she couldn’t believe when they said that the hotel was now in Alexander’s son’s hands, Reese Crane. Now, she sees her and her parent’s spots at the hotel threatened as well as the good name of the hotel and is willing to do anything to get her hotel back! Even marry her competitor!

Alexander Crane is retiring in six months and although all he wants to see is his son Reese as the CEO of Crane hotels, the board doesn’t agree with him. So Reese will do everything he can to be on their good side, even if that means he has to marry the woman who sees him as her biggest enemy, Merina Van Heusen.

“I found home with you.”

HOLY MOLY. Let’s take a moment to describe Reese: sexy, charming, dirty, swoony but afraid to get attached after losing his mother at a young age. But Merina will get through that just the right way, which is sex. And I really liked that they got to business early in the book because that way we get to see more of them as an actual couple.

“Too late. I love you. I’ve loved you even longer than I dared admit. And you still love me, Merina.”

There are also great secondary characters like Reese’s father and brother Tag who is the main character in the second book of this series (that I’m totally going to read).

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Jessica Lemmon


A Crane Family Christmas (Billionaire Bad Boys Book 4) by [Lemmon, Jessica]


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