Review: The billionaire next door by Jessica Lemmon


This book is really similar to The Billionaire Bachelor. This one is about Reese’s younger brother, Taggart Crane, or Tag as everyone calls him. Tag is the funniest brother but also the less intense of them all with no worries in the world with a position at Crane Hotels as the responsible for Guest and Restaurant Services. Besides his work, his life consists of his brothers and father, women (note the plural) and sex. Until one blonde gets his attention!

Rachel is a bartender who is also currently dog-sitting for a client who’s going to be away for some time. But, hey, who said having two jobs is a bad thing? Well, when you have a sexy neighbor who resembles Tarzan I think the second job is just a blessing! Because God bless that man!

“Dimples, hop off that stool and take your gorgeous, round ass upstairs and into my bed.”

I really liked Rachel. I didn’t see her as a weak person but as a really self-doubting one because of her insecurity regarding her sexual skills. And the fact that Tag is such an expert when compared to her made it so they complemented each other perfectly. Like Reese, Tag also has serious problems getting attached because of his mom’s death.

“And while I never planned for our future, whenever I was with her, I knew I didn’t want our present to end.”

Because of Tag this book is much funnier than The Billionaire Bachelor but I think it lacks some connection between them besides the chemistry going on in the bedroom.

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Jessica Lemmon


A Crane Family Christmas (Billionaire Bad Boys Book 4) by [Lemmon, Jessica]


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