Review: The player by K. Bromberg


Scout Dalton is determined to show that she’s a physical therapist as capable as her famous father. And getting Easton Wylder back to his best shape is her free passport to get that goal.

Baseball is Easton Wylder’s life. His father was also a player so he has been breathing baseball for as long as he can remember. Until an injury stopped him from playing. On the bright side, he has now a hot physical therapist to help him get back in the game but she’s more into the therapy side than the physical part of their encounters.

Too bad he’s used to get what he wants and he wants her!

I’m already used to Bromberg’s talent but my god. This book! I loved everything about it. From their hotness to the fact that they get each other perfectly. They both are the children of very talented men who want to see their kids being even better than them. They both know how that pressure feels.

Easton is a free-spirit, easygoing kind of man. And hot, really hot. He’s really focused on getting back on track but can’t help the instant attraction between him and Scout. But she’s really afraid of him. Not really of him, but of him leaving. Her mother left her, her brother died and her father is about to die so it would be logic that Easton would end up leaving her too. And then there’s the problem that she can’t date a player she’s treating or she could lose her job. But Easton is determined by showing her that he’s not going anywhere. And I loved him for that. For making the effort to make her see that he was not playing with her.

Scout is a normal woman which I liked honestly. What I really loved about her, or better, about what she represents, was the fact that she’s a woman working in a men’s world. People laugh about it but she’s good at what she does so people are bound to respect her like she deserves. She’s also a tough one. She wouldn’t let her guard down and just fall for Easton.

The book ends with a cliffhanger that literally left me wanting more.

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