Review: The Wright boss by K.A. Linde

The Wright Boss by [Linde, K.A.]


Landon is the youngest Wright brother who’s saying goodbye to his career of professional golfer after a back injury. Add that to the fact that his marriage to Miranda is a living hell and you have the ingredients for a lost man. The only thing coming his way is a job at Wright Construction. He’s not particularly experienced but a Business degree from Stanford makes him qualified enough for the job. But, as usual, there’s a problem, he’s now Heidi’s boss, the only woman who brings some peace to his life but who also as a rule against dating coworkers.

Heidi worked hard her whole life: after her mother died she basically had to take care of her father and after her father ended up arrested from selling drugs, she worked even harder to cover her college loans. So her job at Wright Construction was the most precious thing to her. And she’s furious that Landon is jeopardizing it by being her boss and wanting to be with her at the same time.

But then kisses happen and a great connection like theirs shouldn’t be ignored, Wright?

I’m a sucker for these sexy alpha-males so I obviously loved the book!

For those who read The Wright Brother, Heide is Emery’s best friend and Landon is the Jensen brother who had a hard time accepting his relationship with Emery since he dated her in high school. They also appear in this book, especially Emery since her relationship with Heidi is just as good as it was back then.

If you’re wondering, Landon does try to get a divorce but that topic isn’t solved until later in the book. But yes, he does try to be honest with Heidi and only goes to her when he and Miranda are legally separated. So, no cheating (except a tiny little kiss). That also made me see the extent of his love for Heidi. He’s taking her seriously and her wishes seeing as she would never be with him if he was still a married man. So he had to man up and be the man she deserved.

Heidi was a pretty relatable character to me seeing as I’m studying to be an engineer myself and I know how people don’t give the deserved credit to our opinions just because we’re women in a men’s world (not so much nowadays, but still).

As you can guess, there are pretty sexy moments in the book. Those sweet but sexy as hell moments!

I highly recommend the book for those who love a wealthy man falling in love with a normal girl and to those who appreciate a longtime friendship before that.

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K. A. Linde


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