Review: The Wright brother by K. A. Linde

The Wright Brother by [Linde, K.A.]


Note to self: take a look at all the books by K. A. Kindle cause this one just blew me away!

Emery decides to go back home when she finds out that her three-year boyfriend has been cheating on her for God knows how long. But even at home things get messy when she meets, not her ex who broke up with her ten years ago, but is older sexy billionaire brother, Jensen Wright.

Jensen has just one rule: don’t date people in town who know all there is to know about you. So when he finds out that Emery is only in town for a few days, she is totally fair game! But she is actually staying indefinitely and that just makes everything ten times worse. Because, make no mistake, things will get messy but it will be so worth it!

“I’d like another one of those kisses. Please, and thank you.”

I really liked their connection and chemistry. Also really appreciated the fact that when they had a problem they faced it instead of arguing and being mad at each other for too long.

“Jensen Wright had rewritten my world.”

Regarding secondary characters I loved Heidi and I’m really hoping for a book about her.

So, basically, this was everything I was expecting and some more!

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K. A. Linde


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