Review: When I need you by Lorelei James


Jensen Lund, a pro football player, has three rules when it comes to women: 1) no single mothers, 2) no cheerleaders and 3) no medical personnel. He actually has plausible reasons for each one of those rules. Too bad he wants the woman who breaks them all.

Rowan Michaels, a cheerleader, has a rule when it comes to men: no athletes. And why, you may ask? Because a former relationship with an athlete left her with a baby to raise on her own. So, a relationship with a football player who is also her hot new neighbor? No, thank you.

But then, what if breaking all the rules is worth it?

For those who read the rest of the series, Jensen is Annika’s (from All you need) brother. Although this can be read as a standalone there’s a lot of involvement of Jensen’s family’s elements from other books.

Jensen is in one word: perfect. I loved everything about him and I’m not even talking about his physique. He doesn’t get annoyed with Rowan’s kid, Calder. He’s also very caring and loving with him. He puts his loved ones before the game. The only thing the man doesn’t know how to do is cook but well, the man can’t be perfect at every little thing right? He’s the one who’s sure he wants a relationship whilst Rowan is the one reticent about it. So you have a man on a mission!

Admit we’re more than friends, Rowan.”
“We’re more than friends, Jensen.”

Then we have Rowan, the responsible and worried sick mother of Calder who is a six-year-old sweeeeeet boy. She doesn’t go out, she doesn’t date, she loves her job but her son’s happiness is really her greatest joy. Calder’s father is an athlete who didn’t want to have anything to do with Rowan and Calder when she found out she was pregnant. She won’t say who the man is but Jensen can guess who he is but didn’t do anything about it. And honestly, I’m really happy with that. It wasn’t worth the scandal because of a man who was anything but a real man. So, two thumps up for the no drama vibe!

Sex is far from being the most important thing in this book. Yes, they’re desperate to get in bed together and yes, there’s a lot of sexual tension building between them. But we can’t forget that there’s a six-year old boy between them, and he’s the priority for the both of them.

Christ, you smell like cookies and flowers and sex and I just want to devour you.” 

Altogether, it was amazing! I loved to see the Lund family once again! I loved Jensen to death. His character is incredibly well created! I think Lorelei really outdid herself with this character. And I loved the sweet little thing that is Calder. I really really enjoyed myself with this book!

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