Review: Wicked torture by J. Kenner


I haven’t read a book by J. Kenner in a really long time so reading this felt like I was meeting all my friends again after not seeing them for a very long time. It’s like she has this big community of friends and families and after reading so many of her books I honestly feel like I am one of them!

But let’s get to the book! Wicked torture is about Noah Carter and Kiki Porter. Noah Carter is a sexy tech genius who works for Damien Stark and who is in need of a marketing genius to help him keep up with their competition. And that’s where Kiki comes in handy. Besides being a songwriter and a singer, Kiki also has a good marketing business going on. The best actually, since Noah has no other option than hire her and her team for the project even though their past is a very much ruined project. They dated, they were in love, but something came between them and they never saw each other again, until now.

I honestly think that there’s no way I’m ever not gonna love a book by J. Kenner.  We all know how good the characters created by her are. The same goes for sex scenes, suspense and all romance-related-things you could ever imagine! She will just do it perfectly!

This second chance romance has a lot of surprises! This is not a funny book! But it is a perfect book! Noah is a man who can’t really cope with his ghosts and bad memories so his work is his rescue. Then there’s Kiki who is a little happier but still not living her life to the fullest due to the same bad memories as Noah’s. Their break-up was something pretty serious that left some deep wounds. So, I wrongly predicted that they would fight like nuts for a very long time. But that wasn’t the case! They managed to be friends and find their happiness being so, but we all know how that ends!

All in all: intense, unpredictable, smoking-hot and oh-so-heart-warming!

P.S: You don’t need to read the previous books of the series to read this one.

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