Review: Chasing red by Isabelle Ronin


Veronica Strafford doesn’t trust people easily but she can’t ignore the fact that she’s homeless right now and is in no position to decline Caleb’s offer to stay at his apartment. No matter how terrifying that looks now, she doesn’t have any other option.

Caleb Lockhart can’t believe his eyes when they spot a goddess in red. Having her under his roof will be pure torture but, hopefully, so worth it. The problem is, he’s used to getting what he wants, exactly when he wants it but Red is not ready to give him what he wants the most: her heart.

The moment I started reading this book I thought to myself: I know how this story ends. Then I went back and found out that it was on Wattpad and that I had already read it! Now, the most important question is: when is the second book coming out? I know the answer but I simply can not wait!

The story is almost too much to handle. It’s insane how you can put so many feelings in one book but, let’s be honest, that’s just Isabelle’s good work on paper! Her ability to involve so many characters around the main ones and still not lose track of what is really important and what’s not is honestly remarkable.

She has funny characters, troubled characters, completely normal characters… you name it and she has it covered.

About the main characters…

Veronica is a tough character. How many times did I have tears in my eyes because of her? I can’t even tell you! She’s so raw and true to herself. She had a tough childhood which turned her into a reserved person. She feels like if she reveals too much of herself, she’s giving people the power to break her. Basically, if I had to describe Veronica (or Red) in three words, I would say: scared, smart and insecure.

On the other hand, we have Caleb who is the epitome of easygoing! It’s not that he’s irresponsible, it’s just that he always has a smile on his face no matter what.  He lives alone in a big house and he’s the sexiest boy in school. He has every girl he wants and he’s completely caught off guard by Veronica’s reaction to him. I really loved him. He’s such a sweet boy, especially around Veronica.

So, all in all, the book is awesome. It is so well written. Here’s hoping Isabelle will write more books because I just became a huge fan of her work.

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Always Red (Chasing Red Book 2) by [Ronin, Isabelle]


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