Review: Kiss my boots by Harper Sloan

Kiss My Boots: Coming Home Book 2 by [Sloan, Harper]


Guess what I have for you this time? Another amazing book by Harper Sloan. Trust me, Kiss My Boots is just as amazing as the first book of the series.

In this book, we have Quinn Davis, the youngest Davis, sister of Maverick (from Lost Rider) who, after almost nine years finds herself in front of Tate Montgomery, her past.

Basically, they were together for some time nine years ago. At the time he was meant to go to medical school, but medical school wasn’t where Quinn was. But that wasn’t a problem because they were used to be physically together only in the summers because he was away the rest of the year studying. They would have to keep being together only in the summers and spend the rest of the time texting each other as they always did. Nothing big. But right after leaving for medical school, Tate never texted her back! Or called her. Or so much as wrote her a letter. After that last summer, Tate just vanished, and Quinn stayed in Pine Oak mourning all the reasons that may have made him leave her just like her mother did.

So, in last nine years, Quinn turned herself into the owner of Davis Auto Works as a mechanic and Tate turned into the doctor that his parents always wanted. But now he’s back and he’s ready to explain his reasons as to why he left Pine Oak nine years ago without even a goodbye.

Ok, so you know how much I loved Lost Rider so when I say that this book is just as good as that one, you know I completely fell in love with it!

Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind when I was reading the book was “This is basically the same thing as the Lost Rider”. And it’s true. The books really are similar, but you know what? Both books are also really amazing. At first I was like “I’m not giving this book 5 stars since it’s the same thing as the previous book” but then I thought “Dang it, Harper Sloan just wrote two (probably three because I bet the third book is just as good) amazing books so I’m giving the book five-deserved-and-not-enough stars”.

If you loved the first book or if simply you enjoy a good second chance romance, you really need to treat yourself with this book (you don’t need to read the first book of the series to read this one)! You can have a good laugh, your cheeks will probably burn with all the hotness in this book and the most important, you will have a man who’s ready to fall on his knees to have the love of his life back.

Tate is just perfection. I wouldn’t say he’s the ultimate cowboy since he’s now used to wearing suits and living in the city but he’s equally dreamy. The tricky person in this book is for sure Quinn. Her mother abandoned her and her brothers when she was little (she can’t even remember her face) so she has some abandonment issues. But she’s still incredibly funny, loves her work and still manages to be straightforward and honest when it comes to her feelings about Tate.

For those who read the book Lost Rider, there are some things that you will like to know about this book. First, we can still enjoy some of Jana’s sass. She’s still hilarious and still worried about everyone’s hooha! Then there’s also Leighton and Maverick’s wedding. If you loved Leighton and Maverick’s story, be aware that there’s a lot of them in this book as well. And then, the sex scenes! Good Lord! All in all, it’s just impossible to not fall in love with them.

As always, Sloan simply outdid herself with this book and I just can’t recommend it enough!

I will see you soon (since I’m jumping right into the next book thanks to Simon & Schuster).

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Kiss My Boots: Coming Home Book 2 by [Sloan, Harper]Cowboy Up: Coming Home Book 3 by [Sloan, Harper]


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