Review: Lost rider by Harper Sloan


Maverick Davis has been a professional bull riding for ten years. But now his career came to an end and he has to go back to the place he always hated the most. Pine Oak. The place where all his childhood memories were created. The place where he never wanted to go back. The place where he left the person he loved the most ten years ago so he could work on his dreams.

“All she had to do was walk into a room and I forgot it all.”

Leighton James is a successful twenty-six years old baker, owner of the PieHole. After losing her parents in a car accident, the people that she calls family has been Quinn and Clay Davis, sister and brother of the man that broke her heart like no one else ten years ago.

“Tell me you’ve always wanted me.”

Leighton loved Maverick when they were just teenagers but he destroyed that love along with their friendship when he made her feel like trash just before he left Pine Oak for ten long years. But now Maverick is back and he can’t believe in his eyes when he sees her for the first time!

Are ten years enough to extinguish a love like this or is it true that there’s no love like the first?

“How many times had I regretted leaving town without ever feeling her lips against my own?”

How many times is it acceptable to say that I loved this book? Because, really, I loved it!

Maverick is such a hot cowboy. He’s a damaged person because of a hard childhood but besides that all about him screams sex and tenderness. Which is a perfect combination when you have the love of your life to win over! When he had to spill his guts in order to explain Leighton his reasons, I just wanted to hug him and make it better. Seriously, he’s probably my favorite cowboy of all time!

“My princess always wears boots.”

Leighton really was a nice surprise. She’s a likable person, always happy and kind of sassy. Her attitude toward Maverick’s decisions is remarkable. She has all the reasons she needs to make a big fuss out of the situation but she’s just so easygoing and so caring. Really loved the way both of them prepared themselves to fight for their love!

“He really is giving me all of him.

And all of him is beautiful.”

At first, the storyline seems to be predictable. I mean he’s back and wants her back, that’s not unusual. But that’s not all! There’s a lot more to it! The entire story is really engaging and really well written. Nothing was rushed. And the characters are really engaging, even the secondary ones, such as Jana (Leighton’s employee), are the funniest and the most relatable.

So, again, I LOVED IT! It couldn’t be better. So if you love a hot cowboy this is the book for you.

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