Review: Anchor me by J. Kenner


This book begins with Damien and Nikki in Dallas after one company had asked her to make a pitch about her proposal for a software. But turns out, that trip ended up being even more exciting because they find out that Nikki is pregnant. And, of course, that means that overprotective Damien is in overdrive in this book which is not so funny when he starts keeping secrets from Nikki in order to protect her.

“You made me a promise once, Damien. No more secrets.”

I was expecting a lot of drama in this book but, thankfully, there was nothing they couldn’t get through in each other’s arms. Nikki’s mother is still a problem, judging Nikki for anything and everything. And then there’s also Tanner (from Claim me) who worked with Nikki when she worked at Innovative Resources and even though he was a pretty decent prick back then, now you will want to kill him.

But, of course, this book also has every good thing a romance can have! Damien’s reaction to Nikki’s pregnancy is the sweetest thing and although at first, Nikki didn’t feel like she could pull that of (being a mother that is), they both treasure the experience very much even if it’s just for a brief period. And, yes ladies, the sex does not disappoint! Nikki’s need of Damien is seriously overwhelming in this book so you can imagine how hot and intense the sex scenes are.

“Because even if the world is crashing down around us and It feels like there’s nothing you can control, you can still control me. Please.”

There’s a lot going on in the end and I just wished that part wasn’t so rushed because I feel like some important advances in their family should be more developed, but hopefully we will be able to see that in Hold me coming out in May this year. The book does not end with a cliffhanger and they do have a happily ever after in family but not the way you’re probably thinking right now but, well, you will have to read it to know for sure.

 “I’m right beside you, and I promise you, sweetheart, I’m not going anywhere.”

I highly recommend this book because it is to die for. Really. But to do that I would advise you to read the other books in order, especially the short books or you won’t know certain things like how Nikki’s father came into her life in Deepest Kiss.

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