Review: Arm candy by Jessica Lemmon

Arm Candy (Real Love) by [Lemmon, Jessica]


Davis has two habits: only dates blondes and always goes to McGreevy’s Pub to drink a Sam Adams so he can secretly keep an eye on the redhead bartender.  She’s different from the women he usually dates and he can’t decide if he likes it or hates it.

Grace can’t deny Davis’ presence in her bar. She’s aware of his reputation about only dating blondes so she can’t pass up the opportunity to piss him off by making a bet with him that he wasn’t capable of asking a non-blonde on a date.

But the game turns around when Davis asks her on a date that can involve more than just talking. So much more…

I’m already used to Jessica’s awesome work but I love her even more now that I finished this book. Her writing style is still fresh and fluid and the storylines just keep getting better, more appealing and certainly more romantic by the book.

 I can’t even explain to you the level of adorableness in this book! They play hard to get in the beginning but when emotions get mixed with their physical encounters things get reeeeeally good, and cute, and sexy, and oh my god so perfect!

The main male character is Davis, that, for those who read Eye Candy, is Vince’s best friend. Davis is such a kind and thoughtful man. Thoughtful was probably the thing I loved the most about him. His attention to every little detail about Grace was incredibly sweet (and yes, I’m jealous).

Grace is a unique character for me. Her relationship with her parents is hard. Not nonexistent, but hard. Their divorce made her believe that relationships don’t work. And I know this a major cliché but truth be told, she’s still incredibly funny and happy with her life.

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