Review: Eye candy by Jessica Lemmon

Eye Candy (Real Love) by [Lemmon, Jessica]


Jacqueline Butler divorced three years ago and since then has refused to date. But there’s this guy she’s interested in and she doesn’t know how to make him notice her. Leave it to her best friend to help her.

Unlike Jacqueline, Vince Carson has had a fair amount of dates since his marriage went out of the window. Not dates per se, just some encounters between the sheets. So, giving his vast experience, he’s willing to help Jacqueline, his best friend, get the dates she wants even though, on the inside, he’s dying to be the one dating her.

Will his pretend-to-be-dating-me lessons turn into more than pretending?

This was not my first book by Jessica Lemmon. I personally love Jessica’s writing style and this book was no exception. Her writing style is perfect: light, funny and without unnecessary ramblings.

The storyline is a friends-to-lovers with a twist, they both went through divorces even though under different circumstances:  Jacqueline was cheated on by her husband and Vince’s wife left him when he lost his business. In my opinion, two thumbs up for this storyline because I haven’t read one like this before.

The characters are also a bit different from the usual: Jacqueline is lightly shy (not to the point of not knowing how good she looks in a tight red dress but to the point where she’s not showing off her assets to anyone who passes by), caring and really good at her job.

They both share a vice-president position in a marketing firm. Regardless, Vince has no problem admitting that she’s more capable of the job than him and that’s where Jessica was remarkable to me. We all read about businessmen sure of themselves with the deepest pockets who do no wrong. Well, Vince is none of that: he’s good at his job but his job is not his life. He’s playful, he has friends and tattoos as well as a great ass!

Another thing that I thought was smart was the fact that, even though they both went through divorces and they were both the ones left behind by their partners, the author doesn’t describe them as the victims who have a dark past that left them with some deep scars and all that jazz. That contributed to a light read even though it is filled with real-life experiences.

They’re fun together, they have hot sex on the stairs and on the kitchen table so what more could you possibly ask for? I was really happy with the book and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

P.S.: I’m incredibly curious about Vince’s best friend’s story. I’m hoping there will be a book about him.

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Eye Candy (Real Love) by [Lemmon, Jessica]Arm Candy (Real Love) by [Lemmon, Jessica]Man Candy: A Real Love Novel by [Lemmon, Jessica]


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