Review: Pipe dreams by Sarina Bowen


Mike Beacon is a thirty-two years old hockey player in New York with a life story no one deserved. When he was eighteen years old he got his girlfriend pregnant by accident. In order to be the man everyone expected him to be, he married his pregnant girlfriend which only led them to a loveless marriage until she finally cheated on him. When he finally found the love of his life, Lauren, he had to let her go so he, again, could be the man everyone expected him to be when he ex-wife was facing death and their daughter was going through the scariest thing of her life: losing her mother.

Hockey has been Lauren’s life for as long as she can remember. Her father had been the general manager of a hockey team and she managed the team’s office. But that love ended when the love of her life, who was also a hockey player, left her to go back to his ex-wife without any kind of explanation.

Now, after two years of not even hearing each other’s names, they’re forced to work together since Lauren is back as the manager of the team’s office.  And there’s one more thing: Mike’s daughter is now twelve years old and her hate for Lauren is almost palpable.

Although there’s a lot of angst involved, this is such a sweet story. I loved Mike because I honestly can’t blame him for any of his decisions. Life put him in tough positions and he always tried to make the best he could for everyone. But Lauren didn’t know the reasons that led him to leave her so it was kind of funny to witness her struggle to not fall for his reasons when she had been mad at him for two long years.

Their sexual tension didn’t reduce while they were apart so you can guess how hot this book is. Instant hunger, constant need and endless hotness. Which helps Lauren in her attempts to be a mother, even though she’s certain she doesn’t need a man to do it!

Mike’s relationship with his daughter is also a plus one for me! When they’re not talking about Lauren she’s the sweetest thing.

All in all, the book is really good. Although I wished we could see more moments of them as a family towards the end.

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