Review: Release me by J. Kenner


In need of a fresh start, Nikki Fairchild moves from Texas to Los Angeles to live with her best friend and honor her degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. And just four days after arriving at the city of angels, she is asked by her boss to attend a party to get Damien Stark’s attention. What her boss doesn’t know is that they go way back to when they met at one of her pageants.

“You’re staring,” I finally say.
“You’re beautiful.”

Damien Stark is a retired tennis pro with a successful business in the tech world. But that is just what the world knows about him because guess what? There’s so much more to that man.

“Because Damien Stark is like crack to me. Seductive and very, very addictive.”

He remembers Nikki. How could he forget the only woman he ever wanted? But when he tries to seduce her, she plays hard to get, so proposing her a deal seems to be the only option. And that deal would be a nude of her plus a week with her in exchange for a million dollars. But, trust me on this, that’s not all they will be getting out of this deal.

“Never, baby. Between us, the sun is never going down.” 

It’s really rare to find a true strong hero or heroine but this series has both. There’s nothing that can break one of them before the other can fix it. And I loved the fact that every time they’re not ok, they heal each other which just makes them even stronger.

“The hell you are. You’re not weak, Nikki. You’re powerful. You’re a survivor. When I hold you, I can feel the power in you. It’s like holding a live wire.” 

This book is most of all made of secrets and painful pasts. They both had hard childhoods and they’re both still dealing with the consequences that came out of that dark time. And yes ladies. There are lots and lots of hot sex with light kink but there’s also tenderness and all that yummy feelings that will just make your heart melt.

Overall this book is simply amazing and I highly recommended it as well as all of Kenner’s work.

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