Review: The thing about love by Julie James


Jessica Harlow and John Shepherd met six years ago when they were in the same class at the Academy. Both hated each other’s guts at the time and, believe me, that’s something that never changed. Now, both out of relationships that went wrong, they’re in need of a fresh start and what better than to be assigned as each other’s partners in an undercover assignment?

“You’re so goddamn sweet. So mine”

The story is good. This is a second chance romance and even though they used to hate each other back at the academy, everyone knows that the feeling wasn’t actually hatred. John is super attractive and Jessica is such a sassy woman. I had a good time reading this book mostly thanks to their inside jokes and memories from the academy.

But at the same time, this was disappointing. Not because the story is bad or because they’re not perfect for each other. It’s just that the book is mostly about their assignments instead of their love as I was expecting. I will even say that 70% of the book is dedicated to FBI cases and only the remaining to their relationship.

Anyhow, if you love the series you should give it a try.

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