Review: Trust by Kylie Scott


At the age of seventeen, Edie already went through a robbery as a hostage, lost her best friend and changed schools. But her new school is not entirely a problem seeing as the boy who saved her life at the robbery is now one of her classmates.

John and Edie got close seeing as they’re the only ones who know what it was like to be inside that store at the robbery. They study together, they go to parties together and they even got in bed together which kind of complicated their friendship.

But they will have to trust each other so they can survive what will come at them.

I haven’t read a YA romance in so long and this book just made me miss them even more. I really loved it.

The story is pretty great. They don’t know each other when they’re inside the store and they barely talk during the robbery. So it is a complete surprise when she sees him at school. And even then, they wouldn’t talk too much. I really liked to see their friendship develop. They went from strangers to friends and from friends to lovers and that was really good to see. The way they slowly bonded and got each other’s trust. They don’t go straight to bed. Not even close. And I really loved that.

The characters were also great.  Edie is anything but the most popular girl at school. She’s not the skinniest either and even though that was a reason for a lot of bullying against her, she was not about to start a diet to please everyone else. She’s a little self-conscious because of that but not enough to not know her worth. John is also awesome. He used to sell drugs but he’s determined to abandon the business and get his life straight. Really loved the way he tries to be a responsible person and loved, even more, the fact that he doesn’t want people to know they’re friends because he is (supposedly) bad news. He’s obviously good looking and the one boy every girl at school wants. All in all, I really loved them both.

Regarding secondary characters, there’s some but the one I really need to talk about is Anders, John’s best friend who also has a thing going on with Edie’s best friend. He’s not that relevant to the story but he’s the funniest kid ever. Laughed my head off because of him.

I highly recommend this book. They’re not quite sweethearts but they’re perfect for each other seeing the circumstances in which they met each other.

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