Review: Make me stay by Sidney Halston

Make Me Stay: The Panic Series by [Halston, Sidney]


Meet Matt Moreno, a lawyer who also runs Panic, a nightclub, along with his twin brother and father. Running such a famous nightclub in Miami, he’s used to having women all over him any month of the year. But then June Simpson walks in, completely unaware of her charms and June becomes his favorite month of the year.

But June is not who everyone thinks she is. June Simpson is actually April White, a detective working on an undercover operation on Panic.

She wasn’t supposed to develop any kind of feelings for one of her suspects but life happens and so as soon as she finished the op, she ran away from him so things wouldn’t get worse.

But one year later they face each other again and life will make them stay together.

The storyline of this book is incredible. I was blown away by it. At first, it was obvious that she was keeping something from him. And that led me to believe that the book was a joke because it was so predictable. But it is not. This book is so so good. So many twists that I really didn’t see coming. The characters are also good and really well created.

Matt is just that bad boy who’s used to having any woman he wants. But I actually liked him a lot. The way he tries to do the right thing by June is impressive. And I also loved the fact that he’s completely against lies.

April is also such a good character. She is a strong woman as well as hardworking. She’s also really independent as both her mother and father died when she was a baby, so she went from foster home to foster home for some time. I also loved her because she is a serious woman who won’t get in bed with a man on the first date. It’s not that she plays hard to get, it’s just that she’s a person with values and I loved her for that.

To me, the best thing about this book is by far the storyline as I already said. The outcome of the book, although it’s a happy ever after, is so unpredictable. I honestly didn’t expect something so good out of this book but I’m really glad it did.

So, I highly recommend it if you love a true love with some difficulties in between.

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