Review: Promise not to tell by Jayne Ann Krentz


Virginia Troy and Cabot Sutter both were in a cult along with their mothers when they were just kids, until the day the cult leader, Quinton Zane, set the compound they were in on fire and killed their mothers.

They never saw each other again until one of Virginia’s artists, who also was in the cult twenty-two years ago, killed herself right after leaving Virginia one last piece that left her second guessing all her beliefs regarding the cult.  Cabot, now as a private investigator, is the only one who can help her and also protect her seeing as their lives will also be in danger. Again.

Ok, so the amount of people involved in this investigation is insane. Obviously, Virginia and Cabot are the main characters, but there are so many people connected that sometimes it was honestly hard to keep track of them all and remember their names. But throughout the book, there’re moments when all the pieces fit perfectly together and you basically get blown away by the logic of it! At least, I was blown away with all the twists in the book! Which leads me to one of the things that I most appreciated about this book: the fact that the author doesn’t leave all the secrets to the end. Which turns the book into an addiction (at least for me it was)! There’s always something happening, new people coming and going, new cases! Definitely a lot of suspense! Honestly, five big stars for this investigation and all the characters involved!

Then, there’s the romance. As you can guess, Virginia and Cabot both have issues thanks to the fire they had to go through twenty-two years ago. And, even though that has always been a major deal breaker with their other relationships, between them it’s their biggest bond! They understand each other and instantly know what the other needs without words. However, there’s not a lot of coupley moments! I really wish there was more romance in the book! There’s some intimacy, not as much as I would like but still. Basically, if you can’t settle for a discreet relationship this is not the book for you. They don’t talk much about them (only the investigation basically) and they’re not the lovey-dovey kind so do not expect hearts and unicorns with this book!

Still, the book is really amazing!

I didn’t read the first book of the series but I feel like there’s some unfinished business in this book so I’ll definitely want to read the next one (if there’s one).

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Jayne Ann Krentz


When All the Girls Have Gone by [Krentz, Jayne Ann]


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