Review: The ones who got away by Roni Loren


So, here it is, a second chance romance with a reasonable (and remarkable) reason for the separation of the couple. Forget all about family secrets, or stolen letters or empty misunderstandings because this is serious. And, unfortunately, pretty damn relatable nowadays!

Olivia and Finn were secretly high-school sweethearts, twelve-years ago, when their school was attacked by two armed kids.  Most of their friends were killed in the attack but both of them and some others survived and they’re now all together for interviews for the anniversary of the attack. They haven’t seen each other since the tragic day but between Olivia and Finn, it was like they were never apart from each other.

This was my first book by Roni Loren but if someone is sure that her work is always this good, please let me know so I can join her fan club! I really fell in love with her writing style and with her ability to put so much emotion into words.

The feelings in this book are so incredibly raw. Like, I was always with a lump in my throat and I actually cried (which is not that hard to happen but still). Also, the book is sexy! Because of Finn’s work (he’s an undercover agent), they know that their time will be up by the end of summer so they’re intended in enjoying their summer to the fullest. In bed!

Most of all, I loved the storyline. I think nothing beats a storyline as strong as this one. It just blends with reality so well that you can imagine yourself in their shoes and feel their pain.

I honestly can’t recommend this book enough! This is a perfect second chance romance with strong and troubled characters and the most real storyline.

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The One You Can't Forget (The Ones Who Got Away) by [Loren, Roni]


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