Review: One more round by Shelli Stevens

One More Round (The McLaughlins Book 1) by [Stevens, Shelli]


Sarah is a mess: her grandmother just passed away, she’s currently in the middle of a divorce and, to top it all, she needs to go back to the place where her worst memories were created.

Whidbey Island was the place where she lived the love story of her dreams and where she got the betrayal of her worst nightmares. Ian McLaughlin had been everything she could have asked for in a boyfriend eleven years ago until he messed it all up. Now she’s not the slightest bit interested in crossing pads with him, but things don’t always go the way we want them to…

“If all goes right, you’ll be on and off this island quickly enough without ever having to see him.”

One more round is a second chance romance, and it is a good one!

Ian McLaughlin is one of the Scottish brothers and sister of the McLaughlin family and the perfect word to describe him back when he and Sarah met would be: troublemaker. Actually, eleven years later he still kind of is, but he’s also running his business and if there’s one thing that you can expect from the McLaughlins is that family always comes first. So he’s not the worst actually!

On the other hand, Sarah was always the good girl, and she still kind of is. And even though they were so different from each other, they were always good together. Still are actually. Especially in the bedroom!

Which leads me to the fact that a lot of the book’s sparkle comes from the sex scenes. They’re not crude, nor forced but they are a little bit descriptive.

Regarding the storyline: they currently hate each other due to the way they parted ways eleven years ago but the off-the-charts-chemistry between them is bigger than any misunderstanding.  There’s a not so subtle secret in this book that even though it can be kind of obvious to some people, I never thought of it until it was right in front of my face.

“She’s prettier now, if you can believe it.”

Overall, I highly recommend this book. If you like a big family story this is totally the book for you. The entire series is actually for you because from what I gathered, the next books will be about the other McLaughlin brothers. Just don’t forget the fact that the book has a big sexual component if that’s not your thing.

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One More Round (The McLaughlins Book 1) by [Stevens, Shelli]Straight, No Chaser (The McLaughlins Book 2) by [Stevens, Shelli ]

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