Review: All we knew by Jamie Beck


So, usually in a romance book, the main characters meet, they fall in love and, if we’re lucky, we get a proposal in the end. Well, in this book we got none of that because they did it all already.

Hunter Cabot and Sara have been happily married for years. They fell in love in college and their relationship has been close to perfect until they try to have a baby but can’t. They have been trying for two years but luck has not been on their side and that is starting to take its toll on their marriage. On top of that, Hunter is focused on getting to the top of his family’s company and being the CEO. With that, Sara is falling into a lonely world that, if not crushed, will be the death of their marriage.

I have so many things to say about this book that I don’t even know where to start.

This book got me so bad! Babies and pregnancies always get to me and this one was intense! I was five chapters in and I had to take a look at the last one to see how things would end because I just couldn’t take it anymore!

Regarding the story, it is a sad one because of their struggle to get pregnant. Sara’s pain was the worst for me to deal with! But things weren’t so bad: Hunter actually makes the effort to fix their marriage and to make Sara happy. The problem is that he’s not doing the right things. Sara needs love, attention, and, most important, his time. But he spends most of his time in the company and she will never understand how the company always comes first for him.

Don’t get the wrong idea! They love each other like they did back in college, they’re still each other’s soulmates but they’re having problems because of the failed pregnancies and the company. Honestly, it is a really normal and relatable storyline because every couple struggles with something!

Besides the story, I also loved the characters! Even though Hunter is pretty focused on the company, he has no eyes for any other woman except Sara. She’s the love of his life, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and the best thing that ever happened to him. I honestly loved their love. I loved how he always defended her when it was necessary. It was honestly humbling how much he loved her. And she loved him just as much!

Overall, I think this is an unforgettable story! It is one of those stories that stays with you!

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