Review: Best laid plans by Brenda Jackson


Nolan Madaris is not in the mood to play one of his great-grandmother’s games: now she wants to marry him off to Ivy Chapman. And even though he doesn’t even know his supposed future wife, he’s not about to let his great-grandmother dictate his life.

The thing is, contrary to what he thought,  Ivy is not really keen on this idea either and she has a plan: they will pretend to have fallen in love so his great-grandmother will think she won her game.

But plans always change…

“His only involvement with Ivy would be of the pretend kind and it was best that he remembered that.”

I’m already a fan of Brenda Jackson’s work and this book did not disappoint. I love her writing style: it’s light and fun, the sex scenes are hot yet not too descriptive and the feelings are all there!

This book has one of the things that I most love in a romance book: the couple spends some time alone in a house! I love when the couple gets stuck in a place or simply share a home even though they just met: the cozy vibes and the closeness between two people getting to know each other. It’s always romantic no matter the way it ends!

So, as a result of one of Nolan’s great-grandmothers’ plans, they end up in the same house for a week! And let me tell you, what a week! They get to know each other, they do fun stuff together and sometimes they forget that it’s all a plan conjured by them.

The characters are also pretty good! They’re both tech geeks so they understand each other pretty well when it comes to their work. Before this plan, Nolan was a womanizer. He knows how good he looks whilst Ivy doesn’t’ have any idea of how good she looks. She had a boyfriend that never valued her looks or herself actually, so she always thought that a man like Nolan would never look at her a second time. Well, she’s wrong because Nolan finds her way too attractive and way too sexy!

The ex-boyfriend of Ivy that I mentioned also makes himself known in this book, but not for a good reason let me tell you!

“But he knew he was definitely attracted to Ivy Chapman.”

I highly recommend this book if you like a cute and light romance and some family drama. And if you enjoy a story about a big family I think the entire series is actually perfect for that (all the books are standalone though)!

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