Review: It might be you by Jennifer Gracen

It Might Be You (The Harrisons) by [Gracen, Jennifer]


Nick Martel, a twenty-nine-year-old cop just got a promotion. A new family. And the possibility of being the bone marrow donor for Myles, his new nephew. But, despite everything being literally thrown at him just like that, he’s still flying to Florida to help his nephew.

Amanda Kozlov is a private nurse who has been taking care of Myles. And that’s pretty much all she has been doing with her life: working. Until Nick comes into her life and messes with her work.  And her heart.

“The only thing I need is more time with you.”

What I loved about the book? The storyline. It’s not every day that you find a story like this one with real-life stories and real-life struggles like finding a match for a bone marrow transplant.

Obviously, the main story is about Nick’s and Amanda’s love story but since it was Myles’ disease that brought them together, you can already tell that Myles plays a major role in this book. And thank god for that because that kid was the best thing about this book! The main story, which is the love story as I said, had a lot of potential given the fact that they had to deal with a distance relationship but it was actually meh!

“Okay, ladies, she wrote. Sit back, buckle up, and grab your popcorn. I need to tell you about the unbearable temptation that is Nick Martell.”

And what did I not love about this book? The writing style. Sometimes the descriptions would go on and on and on, and pretty much everytime they were completely unnecessary. Just be ready for a lot of prose! Then the characters were also not the best, I’m not gonna lie! Amanda is way too dramatic for my style. She makes a big fuss out of everything and although I understand that they would have to fight about something at some point, a good reason would have been appreciated. Nick was not so bad. There’s nothing bad to say about him but there’s nothing remarkable either.

I haven’t read the rest of the series since this is a standalone. This was my first book of the series and my first book by Jennifer Gracen as well, so that might have influenced my opinion on this book. However, I would recommend this book if you’re into family drama and if a lot of descriptions is your thing!

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