Review: Come home to me by Liz Talley


Meet Summer Valentine – 33 years old: single mother of fourteen-year-old David who’s now back in South Carolina and is willing to put her dreams in the back of her mind to make her son her number one priority.

Meet Rhett Bryan – 34 years old: a Hollywood star who went to California at the age of eighteen. Now, even though the two Emmys he has at home are all he ever wanted, the death civil suit that he’s currently fighting sure is not. So going back to South Carolina seems to be the best solution right now.

Meet Hunt McCroy – 34 years old: father of fourteen-year-old David who spent most of his son’s life resenting him rather than loving him.

Fifteen years ago they were all friends attending the same high school until prom night changed it all!

At the time, Summer had a thing for Rhett but he had a girlfriend. So she ended up going to prom with the guy who got stood up just a few days before prom: Hunter. Hunter who, at the time, was Rhett’s best friend. So how did prom change that? Well, Summer and Rhett kissed but it was Hunt who she ended up in bed with. Consequence: Summer and Rhett were no longer friends and Summer was pregnant with Hunt’s baby!

Now, my thoughts on this: amazing. The storyline is pretty much what I told you already which is, alone, really good already. But this is a very character-driven book so a lot of the book’s amazingness comes from the characters. And so I’m not repeating myself I’ll just say this: they go through some heavy stuff like abuse, death and failed careers. So, does the reading get somewhat uncomfortable? I honestly don’t think so but as you can imagine, sometimes the story will tear at your heartstrings and you’ll probably feel like crying (speaking from experience obviously) because of those subjects.  Also, you should know that the ultimate goal of this book, besides the obvious life lessons you will take from it, is the romance and not the drama!

Regarding the writing style, the book has a lot of throwbacks to their time in high school and some long descriptions. And although I’m usually not a big fan of long descriptions, I feel like here they were necessary because there are just things that can’t be passed on through dialogue, that being feelings! The story is told in three different POV and, in general, it flows nicely, the throwbacks fit perfectly in the middle of their current story and it is somewhat light amongst all the heartbreaking things you will read about! Also, as if this wasn’t wonderful enough already, Liz Talley created some portuguese characters with some portuguese words so, I’m sorry peeps, but this time you’ll be the ones using google translator [insert evil laugh]!

On a side note, just wanted to thank Montlake Romance for the book and give them a thumbs up for the title and cover of the book because they are actually related to the story (which is, surprisingly, a rarity nowadays if you haven’t noticed)!

All in all, I highly recommend this book (as if you couldn’t tell by the length of this review!).

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