Review: The rules of rebellion by Amity Hope

The Rules of Rebellion (The Rules of Persuasion) by [Hope, Amity]


Kylie Jenkins enjoys a calm, sweet and uneventful life. She loves a good book and candy-making is her favorite hobby. But now that senior year is here, she wants something more out of her life: she wants to go to parties, start dating and overall have tons of fun. So, in order to add a little more courage to the equation, she decides to write a list of all the things she wants to do. But then that list falls at Leo’s feet.

Leo has had a crush on Kylie since fifth grade. Does she know that? Of course not. But helping her with her list seems like the perfect excuse to spend a few hours with her.

“Kissing under the stars?
That was going on my list too.”

So this book features the drama that teens go through with their parents and their rules. And although this is an exciting subject, I feel like the book could have been better, especially when it comes to the characters. Like, I liked Kylie’s sister way better than Kylie and she was just a secondary character. Don’t get me wrong, Leo and Kylie were adorable but they were also way too plain.

On the bright side, the storyline was actually really good and I guess pretty relatable to some people. We have two sides of the story: her parents who are way too strict and his parents who couldn’t care less about what he’s doing with his life. So there you have it, a friends to lovers that covers all the bases when it comes to a kid’s dating game!

“Two friends, hanging out, making the most of senior year.”

The writing style was also enjoyable: the story flows nicely and it’s not as predictable as you might think thanks to a major plot twist!

So overall, I’m filled with contentment and equal dismay. As I told you, I was quite disappointed with the characters but this was my first book by Amity Hope so I’m not deciding on anything about her yet.

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