Review: How to walk away by Katherine Center


Margaret finally found her dream job and her boyfriend is just about to ask her to marry her. Until her perfect fairy tale is ripped off of her. Just a few hours after the proposal she’s in a hospital bed, paraplegic! While her brand new fiancé is drowning himself in sorrows and alcohol. The only good thing going on for her is Ian, her physical therapist, who seems to be the brightest thing in her darkest time!

So, I have a problem: I deliberately feel the character’s pain. It’s just something that I can’t help. So imagine me reading a book about a woman that just lost her ability to walk and the man who wanted (note the past tense)!

I kid you not, I’m the biggest fan of a good romance story but what kept me going in this book was Margaret’s tragedy. This was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster! I think this is the kind of book that everyone should read from time to time for a reality check. Because contemporary romance is pretty much all ladies’ dreams nowadays even though they’re not always true.

“It’s the trying that heals you”.

So, real-life conversations aside, this book is perfection! Absolute perfection! The writing style is really enjoyable. You get so much of Margaret’s feelings and thoughts without boring and long descriptions! Honestly, my first book by Katherine Center and I’m already a fan! And then the story is so different and so real! With so many problems that a family can go through and the many blessings that you have without even realizing!

Also, because I know you want to know this,  there is a man involved too! And no, I’m not talking about her supposed-to-be-future-husband, I’m talking about her physical therapist! Who is a very much asshole in the beginning but ends up warming up to Margaret (if you know what I mean)!

“You’re standing,” he said. “You’re smiling”, I said.

Overall this is a pretty serious story with some serious lessons even though it goes hand in hand with a cute tale! So go ahead and read it!

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